Vladimir Khokhlov

(Jerry services all three of Mr. Khokhlov's pianos for the last 16 years in his home studio)

The life story of Vladimir Abramovich Khokhlov, natural American citizen, is as interesting as his piano playing is exquisite.

He was born at St. Anthony's hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida, where his father, a Soviet naval commander, was on temporary assignment during the American lend-lease program in the early 1940's. After a three-year stint in the states, the family returned to Leningrad - formerly, and now again, St. Petersburg, Russia.

His musical ability was discovered when Khokhlov's father brought a piano from Germany. When in the second grade, Vladimir entered a special school of music at the world-prestigious Leningrad conservatory, where he remained (except for a six-months period of army life) until he received a degree equivalent to a master's.

A vibrant, successful musical career followed, including 3,000 performances on stages in Japan, Finland, Bulgaria and the Soviet Union, and the winning of honor diplomas as best accompanist in vocal competitions.

All of this was practically squelched by the KGB when Khokhlov spoke out against conditions in Russia, especially regarding the departure of so many fine artists for better opportunities elsewhere.

The first coup attempt in January 1991 was the catalyst for Vladimir's desire to return to the land of his birth. From the American side, he had no problem entering the United States, passport in hand. Requesting a return to St. Petersburg, Florida, he reached the bay area in February, 1991, followed by his wife Irisa and five-year-old son Mark in December of that year. The family now resides in a north Tampa home, and includes daughter Maya, born in 1994.

Florida orchestra resident conductor Edward Cumming praised Khokhlov As having "requisite qualities in a musician.... Delicate touch.. Extremely sensitive.... True rubato rare in pianists today.....wonderful addition to cultural community in Tampa bay area.... Immense talent".

This unassuming, extremely-gifted and highly professional pianist has thrilled enthusiastic audiences in packed performances at numerous music recital halls, including those at The University of South Florida, The University of Florida, The St. Petersburg Museum of Art and The Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center.


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