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Lori Line(photo)

Larnelle Harris(photo)

Russ Taff (photo)

Sandi Patty / Jason Crabb (photo) and (concert video clip)

Vladimir Khokhlov (photo)

Fransico Aybar (photo)


Billy Graham Crusade (photo)


 Michael W. Smith (photo)


Peter Nero (photo)


Nina Isidora (photo)

Bob Fields (photo)


Duke Ellington (photo)


Dave Brubeck (photo)


Dr. Billy Taylor (photo)


Crystal Gayle (photo)


Janis Ian (photo)


Dennis DeYoung (photo)


Phil Driscoll (photo)


Diane Schuur (photo)


Grant Johannesen (photo)


Claude Frank (photo)


Gary Graffman (photo & actual concert .mp3 files)


Garrick Ohlsson (photo & actual concert .mp3 files)


Ruth Laredo (photo)


Emanuel Ax (photo)


Anthony di Bonaventura (photo & actual concert .mp3 files)

The Kenneth Copeland Band (photo)

Pittsburgh Symphony Chamber Orchestra/Lili Kraus (photo)

The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center/Charles Wadsworth (photo)

Carmen Cavallero(photo)


Glen Miller's Band

Benny Goodman's Band

And more...........

Something to consider..not one of these professional teachers, 'pop entertainers', and concert artists along with their agents never mentioned the PTG (The Piano Technicians Guild) in hiring me to perform the preparation of the instruments, most were based on recommendations and they were more concerned if I.. 'tuned by ear'.  I am not a member of the PTG  by choice.

The final exam for graduating from the Sims School of Piano Technology was the PTG RPT classification exam (tuning, repairing, action regulation, stringing, etc, basically a review of the whole program we learned) given by my instructor James R Sims (A Registered PTG Piano Technician RPT).


  I was very fortunate to be formally trained and received the skills and good foundation that I built my business upon after these 46 years and a current database of over 5400 piano customers...The PTG is a very good organization to learn and help teach new people the craft and keep the standards of the industry high..however it is not a guarantee of the best individual quality and ethics...The final 'litmus test' is the individual's developed skills, natural talent and reputation to excel to the 'professional level' for Concert work based on his or hers own performance..not just belonging to an organization that implies its certified membership as exceptional above 'non members' ...My 'Hall of Fame' page can attest that is not always the case... This is a business that is based ultimately on the individual merits and experience...There is also the 'psychological' consideration, that if you pay a higher price, you get a better job?...not necessarily always the case ...

.....with In-Tune Productions...."Better Service...Better Price"...

Jerry Mead


(Arrogance: undue claims, exorbitant claims of dignity, estimation which exalts the worth of the person to an undue degree;...)

(Confidence: The firm belief in one's abilities, or capacities: The state or quality of being certain:)

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