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Jerry was born and raised in Norwalk, Connecticut. He grew up in a musical family. His mother was a church organist and piano teacher. His father was a retired Pharmacist and drummer. Jerry's younger brother sings, plays trombone, guitar & bass guitar. He played the alto sax. They had a family band, and played out for 30 plus years, since he was an early teenager.

When he was a senior in high school, Jerry was strongly considering college for a music education degree. "I like music, but teaching it..., was something else. I knew that I had a good musical ear, and I had a mechanical aptitude, and I had the inbred desire to be self-employed, (my Grandfather and my Dad were always self-employed) .The formula = Piano Technician."

 "I looked at a number of learning options, correspondence courses, (I believe that you can learn piano repair by mail, but for me personally... not piano tuning?), or becoming an apprentice to an established technician, (I was told that I could learn their way to tune & repair...along with their good & bad habits), or... I could start at a piano factory and work my way up (starting with a broom?) The only option for me was a resident school that was a serious learning center that offered a complete program. I found and chose the Sims School of Piano Technology in Columbus Georgia
I was very impressed with the instructor and founder of the school James R. Sims.  At the Sims School I was exposed to various ways to tune pianos, including electronic tuning devices. I personally choose to tune by ear. I also learned how to repair simple problems...all the way up to complete rebuilding."

"(My preference at this point of my career is fine tuning and light repairs.)"

 "At the Sims School, we had guest speakers visit and tell us the facts of life in the real world of music and piano tuning. We even went on a field trip to visit 2 piano factories. Sims School Face Book

 In conclusion, I graduated from the Sims school of Piano Technology not with... "The sum total of wisdom & knowledge", I left with a well rounded solid foundation that I have built upon these last 45 years, constantly growing in experience and enjoying a successful piano service business..... Thank you James..."

 The class picture even made the front cover of the P.T.G. Journal

 (a note the reader: James Sims has long ago closed the school and has since moved to Tallahassee Florida and is now in business with his son Randy,..... Jims Pianos

Now in Business...

In the spring of 1970 Jerry moved back to his home town.. Norwalk Connecticut, and set up his piano service business. His first piano dealer that he hooked up with was Westport-Fairfield Piano & Organ (The local Steinway-Yamaha dealer at the time).The owner was Paul Fry. (He is still in business somewhere in Black Rock Ct.). Jerry became the technician that serviced most of the "Steinway Artist" that came to the Southwest area of Connecticut, since Westport-Fairfield Piano & Organ supplied the Steinways for concerts. Jerry took great pride in the fact that he was getting a "thumbs up" and a "pat on the back", from world renowned concert artist who were very surprised after learning he was the technician.... barely out of his teens! Jerry also performed all the service needs of the Norwalk Symphony Orchestra from 1972 till he moved out of State. 

In 1979 Jerry moved his family to Florida to join the rest of his family (parents, brother & his family). Jerry had to start his Piano Service business from scratch all over again! He soon hooked up with more Factory Authorized Piano Dealers in the Tampa Bay area as in Connecticut.. Steinway, Bosendorfer, Schimmel, Yamaha, Baldwin.

Jerry also for the last 31 years has exclusivly serviced the Music Dept. at Florida College. 


 Jerry has 2 grown sons (no interest in piano work). He lives in the outskirts of Tampa Bay. He enjoys 'free lance' television camera work, producing/video editing,  Jerry enjoys camping, canoeing, target shooting, watching professional NHRA drag racing, Jazz piano, Internet 'surfing, and trips when he can get away. 

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