Artist's Biography

Grant Johannesen

Tuned (in concert) 10/17/77 (Norwalk, Ct.)

Long acknowledged to be one of the greatest piano virtuosos America has produced, Grant Johannesen's career-which date spans more than a quarter of a century-has also secured for him an international stature of the highest order. Continual re-engagements with the great American orchestras- including Boston, New York, Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and many others- together with annual appearances in concert with the great European symphonic organizations, an international recital circut, frequent appearances in the world's prestigious summer festivals and extensive recording activities, have elicited the highest critical praise.

 Hailed as an ideal interpreter of the great masters, he holds the distinction of having performed the complete cycle of Beethoven piano concertos more frequently than almost any other living pianist

. "A VERY IMPORTANT ARTIST, who has preserved his individuality and gone his own way" -Harold Schonberg, New York Times

 "As fine a performance of the work (Beethoven third Concerto) as I have heard" -Michael Steinberg, Boston Globe

 "UNFORGETTABLE SOLOIST" (headline) "He is a physical and artistic giant-it would take something like a fire or flood to keep me away. In my book he has always been at the top." -Pittsburgh Press

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