Artist's Biography

Diane Schuur

Tuned in concert Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, Tampa Fl. 1995

Diane Schuur, who has thus far been on the periphery of jazz, has the potential to be an important jazz singer. Blinded at birth due to a hospital accident, Schuur (who would later be nicknamed "Deedles") imitated singers as a child. She had her first gig at a Holiday Inn when just ten and originally sang country music. The turning point in her career occurred when she sang "Amazing Grace" at the 1979 Monterey Jazz Festival, greatly impressing Stan Getz. After Getz featured her singing at a televised concert from the White House in 1982, Schuur was signed to GRP and began recording regularly. Although her 1987 collaboration with the Count Basie Orchestra was a highpoint, hopefully her best work is still in the future. Diane Schuur is acknowledged by the music industry to be successor to the glory of Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn. A two-time grammy award winner, Schuur recently worked with B.B. King.

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