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Francisco Aybar

Tuned in concert 3 times..last performance was 10/13/73 Norwalk,Ct.

Francisco Aybar is a young man with an enviable past and (no doubt) brilliant future. Born in the Dominican Republic, from his very first appearances he proved to be a master of the hispanic idiom; what is more surprising is the breadth of repertoire for which he has been acclaimed. At his New York debut in 1969 the Times noted how he "joined brilliant fingerwork with taste and sensitivity," in music of all periods and styles.

 After a remarkable stint as Affliate Artist at the University of Denver, Mr Aybar launched his European debut with appearances in Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam, Oslo and London. This past summer (1973) he made his third tour of Norway and England. A viennese critic called him "a true master of the instrument. He displayed a sense of tonal refinement and musicality, disipline and an exceptional technique, rhythmic impetus, sheer inexhaustible vigor, and a phenomenal surety of touch." Not to be outdone, a New York critic said of him in 1971 "He gives the feeling that he is warmly fond of the music he plays, and understands it completely." Another has noted that "despite his virtuoso powers, it could be said that at heart he is a poet and lyricist."

 Mr. Aybar has a Masters degree from the Manhattan School of Music, and a degree in psychology from Fordham University. He will be recording Albeniz's complete "Iberia" next year. 

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