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Lorie Line

Tuned (in concert) 3/24/15,  02/28/08 (Florida College, Temple Terrace Fl.) Also  2/18/09 (Bradenton, Fl) and again 2/22/09 (Clearwater, Fl)

Tim Line (husband and manager called after the last concert & left message)  MP3 -click here-

Growing up in Reno, Nevada, Lorie Line's first audience was her fellow kindergarten classmates. At age 5 she remembers playing familiar tunes for her family and friends, without knowing how to read music. Just from hearing it, she could play it. Her parents first noticed she had a "gift" when from another room in the house, she yelled to her Dad to correct a note while he was playing a song on the family piano. When she told him the note he should have played, they were astonished that she knew the note by name and sound. She had perfect pitch.

It was from that point that her parents got her going with piano lessons, and annual competitions became Lorie's passion. She started entering city-wide classical competitions at the age of 9 and won her first first-place trophy in the 12-year old division that same year. By the time she was 15, she had won seven competitions, all first-place, and she had saved $1000 in award money. She proudly bought her first car, a 1966 Mustang, from her winnings. It was then that she realized it was possible to make a living playing the instrument she loved. 

In her senior year of high school, she entered Nevada's Junior Miss, hoping to win the talent division to pay for her car insurance (the award was $300). To her surprise, she won the title, and went on to compete at the national level for America's Junior Miss. Although she didn't win any national awards, she did come home with a college scholarship. Continuing to study music was a dream come true.

Lorie was the first person in her family history to get a college degree, obtaining a B.A. in Music from the University of Nevada, specializing in Piano Performance. "I'm probably the only person out there with a degree in Piano Performance who is actually performing. . ." says Line. Her first full-time performance job was at Dayton's, Minneapolis, in 1988 where she serenaded shoppers. "This job was a perfect fit for me because I got to play everything by ear. . .which is my thing." On the shopping floor she would play her own arrangements off the cuff, drawing an immediate audience to her unique "Lorie Line style." Fans would come to the store, not only to shop, but to hear her play and it was from their encouragement that Lorie decided to record her first album. This was the beginning of Lorie Line Music, Inc.

Two albums later, and having never done this before, Lorie started writing more complex arrangements that included accompanying instruments that she loved. She knew what she wanted to hear and how these instruments could provide color and texture to her piano arrangements. So she purchased a computerized piano (Yamaha Clavinova) that featured the sound of each instrument in an orchestra, and taught herself how to write within each instrument's range. She found local musicians to play her newly created music. The arrangements were soon recorded, and the musicians began to accompany Lorie at her live concerts. This became the beginnings of her famous tag line "& her Pop Chamber Orchestra."

Each year, Lorie continued to put out another album. . .and another one. Touring the Midwest expanded, and her husband Tim joined forces with Lorie and became the Master of Ceremonies, introducing her to new audiences across the country. The Pop Chamber Orchestra began traveling each year with the dynamic duo, and THE HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA! soon became a family tradition.

Piano-playing fans became excited at the possibility of getting the actual sheet music of Lorie's arrangements. So, the next challenge was to write it all down . . . to document the notes and make the arrangements accessible. Knowing that there wouldn't be a publishing company who would print her music, she started her own publishing wing at Lorie Line Music, Inc.

Today, her passion for making her piano music accessible and playable for both children and adults is a reality. She has released 20 complete books of music, with her two newest, Now and Then and The Traditions of Christmas (this year's new holiday book), predicted to be the best-selling books in her career. Her published music has been the largest growth area in her business.

Lorie prides herself in never taking one business course, yet she owns and runs the largest woman-owned independent record company in the country. She attributes her success to the basics - hard work, talent, perseverance, "gut instinct", balance, and a natural "gift" from God. She puts her personal stamp on everything, from color themes and graphic design to the one-of-a-kind breathtaking gowns and flashy costumes, to set design and decorating it, to every note written on each score (and she still uses her computerized piano). She has released 26 CDs, with sales exceeding 5 million copies.

Lorie has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities benefiting children, specifically Children's Cancer Research Fund, The Jade Foundation (with Minnesota's former First Lady Terry Ventura), Children's Hospital of Minneapolis, The Anne Carlsen Center for Children in Jamestown, North Dakota, The Orono Alliance for Education (her children's school district in Minneapolis), and Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare in St. Paul.

Lorie has been married for 23 years to her business partner, Tim.  They have worked and toured together for 19 years.  Residing in Minneapolis, they have one daughter who attends college, and a son in high school. 

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